Like a kid at the park

When it comes to health technology innovation, I am like a kid at the park. I like to get my hands on anything that I can find on the floor. I get myself stuck in the most unlikely of places. And, I have endless fun while doing it.

I have a very eclectic background, yet one strong unifying thread. I enjoy the process and every aspect of health technology innovation. My technical know-how in wireless communications, combined with my passion for emerging areas of need, business and technology, made digital health my favorite playground since before it was called this way (does anyone remember 'wireless health'?). Here is where I work. I am an educator at Stanford University, an adviser to early-stage companies; and most recently, an investment professional.

I started this blog to post some of the things I'm learning, In keeping with the analogy of the kid at the park: I decided to share the rocks I am picking up on the playground, instead of just stuffing my pockets full of them.

Perhaps over time, they will form a trail.



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